I Can

Today, say to yourself I can. I can’t should not be coming across your lips. When you first think no way then you already lost the battle of the I can’s and I cant’s. You have to challenge yourself and just believe you can. It is all in how you approach something like a hill. I run into people all the time that go, “A hill . . . Ughh.” It may not be what you were thinking about doing today, but it is part of your everyday living and riding a bike. You have to think great I can do this, maybe not today all the way and I might have to hike a bike up, but at least you didn’t turn back down the hill — you decided I am going to do it, and you are committed to do  it. Yes, they are sometimes painful to do, but you just have to find that sweet spot on your gears , nice and slow and easy for your legs, I tell people to just not look up the hill unless you’re on a road, but look down and feel your wheels and listen to your surroundings and find a rhythm that goes with every pedal you take. It works. Trust me, I have bailed out on a lot of climbs in the beginning — a lot. I let the hill beat me, but now I can say I will climb any hill, even if it breaks me ’cause you know what, once you get to the top you can say you did it and feel good about it and now you can enjoy the ride that much more cause the downhill awaits you. I always say to myself, “OK Rocky, lock and load and go.” Tap here, tap there, look ahead for the line and keep yourself focused on the way down — but have fun. I find it so fun to go down on a hill ’cause it’sall the little things in a trail that makes it fun for me. Coming from a skateboarder perspective I see transition all over and I can use that to my advantage. I like hitting roots that can pop you out and over a rock or something. Find your own line and enjoy the ride down. Now grab your bike at the end of the day (or the beginning), and go find your challenge and be who you were meant to be. RAMFB. And remember, I can wins everytime.

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