Ok now if I seem to be a little soft, let me tell you, I’m not — I just want to give back the positives to you. But now I unleash what was in my head all day. “If you can’t shit on it or piss on it, then fuck it” — Jimmy Leapardht, The Fundamentals of Life, Rule 1.

Look, I am not trying to be all sensitive here (even though I am), but there is a side of me that does what I feel is to be me. Some don’t know me and that is ok, I will let you in on me now.

I love all kinds of music: Slayer , Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Fugazi. But I also like House music, and no I am not sorry for that. I love that shit. Makes me pedal in motion. I love Hip Hop only if it is Eric B and Rakim and anything Pharcyde and anything that includes George Clinton and the P Funk. Love Prince, dig a lot of Reggae, and love anything Punk. I also love classical music — a lot. I like the down tempo of life at times. Once you find a groove you can just go with it.

Now that my days of Slayer are kinda gone I am now more into bands like Rush and Yes and of course Led Zeppelin. But I really love listening to The Wire and The Cure and no I don’t care what anybody thinks. Also U2 and anything 80s that might strike a chord to me. I have so many influences in life when it comes to music. Country music is good only if it is anything to do with the Outlaws. And yes I still love VH til the day I die. and The Crue will always be one of my favorites. Live Wire.

All this irrelevant to this post maybe, but when I ride now I think about a song in my head instead of putting earphones on, it’s safer, Anyway . . . I love Sk8brding, but most of all I love RAMFB. I wanted to post this because I can, and I wanted you to know where I am in my head and I am right were I want to be, here sharing with you, so go out and crush a mile and RAMFB.

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