Remember the time you got on your first bike when you were a kid, you were all like “no way,” but you did it anyway. You felt like you where the king (or queen) of the world. It just felt right to feel good and to think that you did cause you didn’t say I can’t — you said I can. I can do this, I can do whatever I put my mind to.

It is really all about mind over matter. If you free your mind your ass will follow. The rest is up to you — to continue your everyday life and think of any challenge you have to face and keep telling yourself I can.

For me, I am trying to beat a time on a trail. I decided to do section by section and not worry about the others. So I am doing only like 5 miles, even though there is so much trail to ride. All I want to do is learn the lines better and let the bike work for me. I know I can beat my times, it is just a matter of not giving up. When I get to a point on the time on the first 5 then I will go for the next 5 — but section by section. Then when I get comfortable I will link up all the trails and try to beat my own record. You know why? ‘Cause I can.

Now go out and set a goal. It doesn’t have to be accomplished in one day — just make sure you set one. And always work toward it thinking “I can.” Live your life and RAMFB.

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