No matter what is going on in your life, always say that you can do it. No mountain is too high for you to climb. And whatever led to this mountain that you do have to climb, it was worth it. Regardless of the outcome, it was worth it.

When we think this way — that all things lead to what is today — the outcome is always good, even if we don’t like it. Today was a “this” moment for me. I did not get what I was wanting, but I got what I needed and that was what inspired to give you this. Me.

I think that if you go for what you want then “this” will happen, the accomplishment that you’ve been striving for. This is what I got today, and there will be more for me tomorrow and the next day and on the next ride.

I can be as you can be all that we can be, and together we can do this — we got this. Now RAMFB and do it like it was the last day of your life. Get inspired by your heart as I have these last 6 months. I’ve been inspired to give back to you as one has done for me. My life, my love, my everything. RAMFB.

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