You can’t stop it, control it, or predict it. It just is what it is. Time.

Whether you’re on your bike, on a run, or climbing, you are subject to time. We only have 24 hours in a day, so we sometimes rush because we think we won’t have enough time to do it all. We look at time as if it’s working against us or limited somehow.

For example, you can’t stop time on a race. There are no time outs in riding like there are in football or other sports. And when you race, your goal is to have the fastest time and beat the others and their times.

This is true for downhill especially. X country, well, yeah, that too. But when you go downhill and race it is another world. I think some people don’t realize how fast you are going. They only see you killing it, and they dream of doing it too. But you don’t have to be killing it — just pinning it on all your lines.

I have really only raced one DH, and it was a blast. Sure it may only have been a local crew of guys who were doing it, but it was fun. The camaraderie was there, the “Yeah Bro!”, and the “KILL KILL KILL” were all there. Look, I may be old (not really), but one day I will race DH with guys who ride super fast — just like I like to.

Now, I want to say to Nathan St. Claire — you got this. He is in his first Worlds, and his dream has come true. The bonus is that his dad Evan showed up — thanks to the gracious heart of another rider. He has one of the best families I know, and a family that rides together Slays together — they all do. This kid is really going places, and in time he will get there. Time is on your side, my man. Nathan, you do your ride and RAMFB like you were born to do.

Time is really on all our sides. It’s all how you look at it. If you take it one minute at a time and enjoy each one, you will never run out of them — because the memories you make will last a lifetime.

Give a shout out to Nathan and let him know you support him and his dad. Have a great week, remember to hydrate, and RAMFB.

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