If only I could, I would. If only I had thought it through first then maybe I would have been. These are thoughts going through our minds on decisions.

We sometimes second guess ourselves.  We look so deep into the results that we forget about how we got there. But you just need to do your thing and stay the course. If every time I decided that the thing I was shooting for came out to be exactly what I wanted then I would be pro, but it didn’t turn out that way.

I second guess things way too much. Made poor decisions and payed for them, especially these past few years. I lost almost everything. Now I am in the process of just saying fuck it and go with what I feel to be right in my heart.

When I ride now my mind is locked in and focused on one purpose and that is to have fun and do the best I can. No if’s or but’s about it. My passion was burnt a minute ago, but now it is back. I just have to get over some injuries, both physical and mental. I have damaged my soul, and now I am going forward and forgetting about all the if’s. I am just taking it one day at a time and one trail one road ride and one step at a time.

I have found the most important thing to me is to just accept life for what it is, and it is to be lived. I am constantly reminded of this when I look out my window and see a hummingbird feed and see the trees sway in the wind and watch the people walk or ride by. I made my mistakes — now it’s time for me to move forward. RAMFB is what it is, and to me it is everything. If it wasn’t for the one I would not be here. I found my heartbeat and got back my passion for what I love the most, Riding a Mother Fucking Bike.

Life, live it, never question it, and just do your thing — all the marbles will fall into place. One more thing, sorry for my last post; I was just in a bad place mentally and found my way out through the one. Thank you to you. Now to all I say go out, forget about the if’s and just be. RAMFB.

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