Riding It Out

Sometimes you feel you just can’t make it, you feel battered and torn, your only thought is Damnit. Sometimes it happens that way.

You start to climb a hill and realize that when you get to the top and bomb down it there is another one and another one. By the end of your day you feel like “I just can’t do it anymore.” That little voice inside your head tells you this, and your body feels it. You now have to find that happy place deep inside and just focus on the ride.

You may feel beaten but you’re not — your only beaten when you give in to the beast. But you have to be the beast to beat the beast inside you. Riding it out, you either do or you don’t. But don’t give up on yourself ’cause you got this. Life gives you a lump of coal — make that sum bitch a diamond and shine hard. Remember, you can be your own worst enemy, but you can also be your own inspiration.

I have gone through rides where I was ready to just call it a day and figure out the fastest way out of the trail. I realized there is no fast way out, no easy way out, no simple fixes. I just relaxed and did it. Sure, I was all negative like saying to myself “I can do better than that.” But in reality I did. I finished the ride. See, if you don’t believe then you will never achieve, and you sometimes have to dig deep to finish what your started.

Now I say this with all confidence, RIDE WITH OTHERS WHEN DOING LONG RIDES. If you go down, the buddy system sometimes is your only friend. Let each other know where you or they are, just in case. Riding it out is sometimes tough and grueling, but the reward at the end of the day — for me it’s an a ice-cold Dale’s — is knowing you did it. You did it.

So on that I say RAMFB, and keep the wheels turning forward and upright. And remember, you can, not you can’t, ’cause anything is possible. You got this, we got this. RAMFB.

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