Sometimes we just need to take a break from things, like work or life in general. I sometimes step away from what might be happening in my life, especially when it comes to personal things. I have to sit back and look at what is happening at the time and also in my life up to that point. When things are hard it sometimes feels like it would be easier to just run and hide — but the reality is that it’s better to face whatever is happening head on.

For instance, riding my bike. It is therapy for my problems. But it doesn’t fix them, it just puts them into a different perspective. I am inspired by so many people, I forget that I also kinda inspire others. My problems may be small in comparison to yours. I can’t complain really. I keep the wheels rolling forward and just do my thing.

I have taken breaks from riding for like a week or so, and when I get back on the bike I always feel better. I thought maybe I was pushing myself too hard. Sometimes I feel like I can’t reach that goal — but I can try to. I just build myself up to what I feel on the inside.

When the negative hits me, it hits hard like a brick going through glass. It shatters my belief in myself. In all honesty I have walked away too many times from what has gone on in my life and not faced my problems ’cause I didn’t have a tool to fight back with. I felt depleted, not worthy, and always thought “Who am I to trying to be?” Now I know who I am: I am a cyclist, a skateboarder, and a hard ass worker (who works way too much). But first and foremost, I am a dad and a brother and a son. I am who you all are; I am human and I make mistakes, we all do. It happens, it really does. It’s called life.

Riding a bike has changed my life so much. I can believe in myself now. It never lets me give up. I am always striving to be better than I was — yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We all can. Breaks are just a part of it. I get it. When it feels like you’re just going through the motions, keep the wheels rolling forward and upright. Take a break for a second and figure out what makes you happy. And for what was not making you happy, grab your bike and go out and just motherfucking ride it. I love what we do and we all do it well, regardless. This is all about the one. “Don’t give up” Peter Gabriel…RAMFB.

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