Hot Lap

So today I got in a hot lap. Trying to break the under-an-hour.

Every time I go out there, something is on my mind to drive me to do it. I had two really good falls, but that did not stop me. I am just 1 minute and some seconds from getting it. I know I can do it ’cause “I can’t” ain’t gonna happen.

I have a heavy heart these days, but to pedal like I am doing means I am only getting stronger. I may not ever be able to get the times of Mike King or Will Murray, but damnit, I will try. It always seems like anything I do in my life is a competition — not against others but against myself. I know “I can” is better than giving up. I know the lines, I know the trail. I know I can.

Today humidity played a part, but I knew I had to hydrate and breathe slow. Breathing too fast wastes your energy. The idea is to breathe slow and feel the trail and feel the pull of the wheels, mainly your front tire. I see some go out (I am guilty of it too, but I have been doing this for a minute now) and just rush into it without knowing the lines. I love a virgin trail, but that is only because the sk8ter in me feels it. The flow of the lines. I look ahead of the trail and see where I am going and follow my instincts.

I know I will break an hour on an 11-mile loop. I feel like I’ve done it before — but with gears. Now I am on a single speed, and that makes a huge difference ’cause every pedal I have to earn it. Mash it. Destroy it. SS is a different element. Either you take the suffering or go home. I choose to take the suffering.

Life is just a river flowing — and you have to navigate it if you want to get in. But only you can do it. You got this, I got this. Now today go out there and do your thing and own it. RAMFB.

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