A chance, a risk — you have a choice to take it or not. Life is not a chance but a gift, it gives us opportunities to take that chance.

I took a chance on this site, because I believed in it and still do. I took chances on my riding and they were well worth it. Life is a series of chances that you must take — even if you never know what the outcome will be.

I sometimes look deep into something so small that is so simple, and I second guess it. I don’t want to take that chance of getting hurt. But I also love to go above what I know is possible — and when the possible seems impossible then I want to keep trying to make it.

Now I just want to ride, that is all.  I just want to keep pushing myself to do better. I went through a rough time these past few months and the bike helped me get through them. I took some chances and they helped me come out on top.

I believe in myself, and so should you. It is ok to not take a chance — but don’t regret it, just go on to the next challenge and overcome it.

I have shirts for sale now and have been selling them pretty good but need to have them all gone so I can move on with the next batch. Check out the pics of the shirts. I dig ’em. If you want to purchase one let me know. As always, RAMFB and remember that the chances are yours to take.

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