To have or did have or will have . . . FUN. I did this weekend at the Tree Shaker in Anne Springs in Fort Mill, SC. Super-fast flowy trail. Sections were groomed like rollers on a track. It was like Pump City the whole time. Humidity was at 100%, and it was hot. Over 100 riders in all. I did the 3-hour ride. I did it on single speed and felt really good.

On the first lap it seemed I was the only one to stop and help out a fella that decided the trail was forward and into a 10 ft. drop off into the creek with a shit ton of boulders. I stopped my ride only to help, knowing I would fall behind but that didn’t matter to me at the time. While everyone else kept rolling, I decided to stop. Some of the riders said to me good job for doing that but this is a race, my reaction was I will catch up and you know what? I did.

I passed probably over 20 riders in the catch up and followed one to the starting line then went in for a second hot lap. And it was a good one. Same line choices and same reaction on every corner. Feeling like I was on fire coming into the stretch, I went in for a 3rd lap. This one would make or break me — and it broke me. Or more like a tree broke me.

I turned to look around several times to see if anyone was there with me, but I was by myself just floating through rollers after rollers and pumping my way through. Then I took one last look to make sure I was still alone I turned and BAMMM. A small tree jumped out onto the trail and took me out. I didn’t go down hard, just flipped. I was still clipped in and rolled right up back onto my bike and got in the same crank as I was going into. But it shook me pretty good.

I climbed out of the last part of the trail to the finish and realized I was getting a bit cold again. And I was feeling the effects of the tree, so I decided to stop and call it a day of RAMFB.  I was satisfied that I went that far, 24 miles in 2 hours and 24 minutes on SS. But I felt I could have gone faster and done more. But I took care of another rider before I took care of myself, and that’s important to me.

So all in all I had a blast, and all I could think about was the One that inspired me these past few months. I believe in saying I can instead of saying I can’t, and I did just that. So to all of you who go through depression or are having a bad week, remember you can, no you can’ts. Have a great week and remember to RAMFB.

BTW I placed 27 out of 52 riders this day and about 10 of us were on SingleSpeed . . . you do the math.

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  1. Hey man… I was near that dude who crashed , i always stop race or no race. He told me several times he was good. So i continued… Single speed 32/17. Tried to save myself all day knowing the heat and sweat would catch up to me. lap4 … 3/4 way threw i got me. Super fun day… next year i will be Solo SS 3hr !! -Shine

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