New Beginings

A new day, a new moment and new everything. Sometimes something new adds to a better day. For instance, a new bike, a new car a new outlook on things going on in your life. Not all that is bad stays bad, meaning, whenever there is a negative there is a positive. We just have to keep believing in ourselves and know the road and the hill is high to climb but we can do it. If we looked at each hill or challenge in our life that we are going through at that moment and just gave up we would be so down about everything else. Our thoughts would just be negative. We have to look on the other side of the coin sometimes and think that no matter what things can only get better. Sure material makes us happy but the real happiness lies within your heart and how you go about what the negative that was pulling you down. Let’s say another example, losing weight , you try and try and nothing seems to work so the negatives come in to play and eat you up. You feel beaten and that there is no hope. The only thing you think is fuck it I mise as well just eat this whole bag of Doritos cause nothing is going to work so you give up. I am here to tell you don’t ever give up. Weight loss is one of the biggest concerns in this life we live. You have to believe you can as I always say and say to yourself I will lose this weight and better my life even if it is only a pound or two but hey that will be a pound or two you didn’t have. You have got to eat right , remember this, what you put into your body will effect your everyday life, now I am not innocent of this but I know now through The One my life is better. What I eat effects how I think, funny right but it’s true. I can have the shittiest day and be all Negative Nancy and give up on my rides but I choose not to. You have got to move forward with the things that make you happy and believe me the One showed me this. Some ask about the One but I will never say because the One is all of us. Believing in our own destination, my destiny , my dreams happened when I met the One. Anyway , a New beginning is better than the same ol same ol so embrace a new day and take it as a challenge and a opportunity to better yourself, now go out Climb that hill, run that mile and just live life how you want ..RAMFB…

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