Energy, it is all around you. You can create it. You have the idea on what you need to do when you live this life. We thrive as humans to feel energy from others but why feel from them when you can create your own. A river flows downhill , the water rolls from uphill , the energy is from the source of how the river flows. It’s nature. We as humans are intrigued by how this happens and try to create our own. When I ride I some how feel what is around me, the wind, the sound of the river running next to me. It is real energy. A spiritual energy that I have with nature. My surroundings set my tone on my ride. If I ride through the streets and through the city I feel the raw energy of machines. I call it survival energy. Automobiles are the nastiest energy form we have. Pollutes the environment and causes our time on this planet to be cut shorter. You may not think about it when your riding but it does. Breathing in toxins that should not be in your system that can in time cause all sorts of physical issues and internal issues. Nature provides the energy in which we live. Go into the woods sometime and just listen to all the sounds and smell all the smells. It’s alive, you can feel it. Life is but a journey and to experience it you need to go out and feel what life has really got to offer. Pure energy that makes life better for all.  Love is energy shared between two . When you go out with your other half and get to enjoy nature in its form you can feel the energy that it gives to both of you. You feel connected as one. There is just something about being on top of the Mtn. looking across the horizon and see the tops of the trees and the clouds that flow across the lower sections and you can sometimes see birds just floating along and nice draft . It is truly amazing. Life , Love and nature all go hand in hand so get out and enjoy it on two wheels or a hike. We only live once, so we think…RAMFB and enjoy your moments with Nature and all the Energy it gives you on a positive, For The One,,


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