Sometimes we forget about the small things in life that makes us who we are and why we are here. To forget is to be human. We all have so much going on that we never really take the time to realize the most important thing in all , yourself. We get so lost up in work and the things in life like our negatives and we tend to forget that there are always positives . Life for example. If we do not get out of our box and see what is going on in this world then we are just wasting time. Sometimes it is better to get out of the box, For example, go to somewhere you’ve never been before like Bozeman Montana and go into it blind not knowing where the road will take you. You might find happiness you might not. I know one who did. Yes, it inspired me to get out of my box.  My friend found happiness, knowing all he left behind was what he knew for so long. Sometimes we must go out side the box to find what we are seeking in this life. Me , I want to do it on a Bicycle, plane and simple , just pedal to somewhere I have never been before. Just go out and ride and get lost but know I will find my way out cause the Sun sets west. I want to go to the other side of the world, like Italy , France and Japan. I also want to explore the roads in the town I grew up in in New York, Monroe Woodbury. You see time is short and if we don’t get on that shit it will be nothing but regrets so why not do it. I have to wait for the One now but in the meantime I will RAMFB and the sometimes will become My times Mr .Hahn …RAMFB

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Great attitude for life! I think we all need to RAMFB haha. I agree that in the end if we don’t try it’ll all be regrets but unfortunately most of us don’t realize till it’s too late. Keep spreading positivity, well deserved follow 🙂
    I recently wrote a post that included tips on how to spice up a workplace to make it a more productive environment, could you take a look and follow if you think it’s a good post?
    Thanks a lot 🙂


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