The Beginning and the End

The beginning and the end. You wait to get there, the destination, the spot targeted at the beginning of your journey. You want to go forward and just go into it blind.

The trail head. Funny how all trails have names. You’ve heard of this trail or that trail and only remember them by their names. Once you get to the head you have zero idea of what lies down that path.

Knowing nothing, you go. You look for signs — black diamonds, double-black diamonds, snakes, bears — any sign that you have to be aware of. The rule “look before you leap” is in the back of your mind so you’re cautious but still loose as a goose. You’re just feeling the ride and all that it has to offer you.

You want to go fast but know that you have no idea what is in front of you. So you go fast then back off, touching the brakes here or there. You see a rock garden and plow right through it only to almost flip over the bars — but yet you hang on.

The climbs are as brutal as they said they were, but yet you climb because you know you heard the downhill was glorious. But it turns out to be faster than you expected, and steeper too, so you have butterflies and get all sketched out at first — but your having the time of your life going down.

The corners are tight and loose, and the drops off the natural features are exciting. The jumps are scattered everywhere, some big some small. You come across a section of trail that is flowy. It’s what you heard it was all about — a pump trail that goes for 2 miles. (At least that’s what the sign said.)

So you’re in heaven, just pumping through some of the finest trail you have ever ridden. You come to a lake and the trail goes around the lake, giving you a second to take in the energy of the woods and the natural sounds that are around you. You want more and know that there is more ahead of you, but you just pedal to wherever the trail leads you — to the end.

But the trail never ends. There is always a new one to explore, a new adventure, and a new challenge. You got this. It is what you would say is your calling. We all have it, we just don’t know until we get there. For me it has always been right here with all of you. My trail started here almost a year ago and it will never end. Life is a journey. RAMFB and never let your dreams or your trails end.

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