Monday is your day to start a goal , be it ride more or lose that little pound you want to lose. Find your space both mentaly and physically. You have to put your mind into the I can’s now, Nothing comes easy ecspecially on Monday cause it’s the start of a long work week so you have to pace yourself. You got this. For me today is a new day of living another day. I am getting a new bike , stoked . I haven’t been on a new bike in a minute but I know I have to change my style once again to get aquainted with the bike. SO I decided to start doing something I never do, workout., Being that I am of age,48, doesn’t mean I’m dead, It just means I am still here. I am not really in bad shape but I amd not perfect on my diet and bonus, yes I know, I am struggling quitting smoking. It is my biggest weakness. So when I woke up today I decided I am going to quit, not cold turkey but cut back the amount . I can’t stand the fact that I smoke. It kills me. Anyway that is my Monday goal to reach my next goal for the next day. I say this with confidence, I am not perfect , I have my flaws still but not as many cause The One has helped me with this. Gave me positives and said I can do this. So to you all You can do this.Monday is just a day, don’t hate it, embrace it as any other day. 4 more days till the weekend , yay but still get your rides in and work on your goals. Have a great Monday and RAMFB..

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