When in Doubt

When in doubt ride your bike, things can always get better and they will. Your having a shit day so I say RAMFB and things will seem to just be as they are ment to be and no reason to sit there and get all shitfaced for the rest of the day, go out and ride or climb or even walk but get the hell out of your house and do something., Now is a new week and for me it has been a rough couple of weeks but the One has kept me grounded from losing my shit. Ya see, when in doubt when things seem to be not so right in your universe they really are. We can’t control the negatives but we sure the hell can try. Now for me, in pain but I will go out and ride anyway cause therapy is on two wheels for me and this is what I need. I do wanna say one thing before I go, I didn’t know you but only heard of stories of you that made you a legend in our community so Mat Hoffman RIP and know it was all or nothing at all. RAMFB and keep the wheels rolling forward and no not the BMX Hoffman…Have a great week and hopoe to see you all out on the trails real soon…

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