sometimes knowing is the best part of not knowing. If you do or don’t its all the fun, ya know what I mean. for instance , going into a trail full out balls to the walls (medaforickly speaking , misspelled but you get the idea) and having zero fux of what is around the corner. It’s kinda like life in a way, Forest said it and so sad he did cause everyone now or days has some crazy interpritaion , (Spelled Wrong) of how they see it. But he said it best , Life is truly a box of chochlates, ya never know what your goinna get. So on the trails ya really have zero ideas when you go onto a new trail, your so jacked up on everything all the vegans told yo to eat and your friends told you to just eat meat and yo where like Meat is Murder , The Smiths. Then you just said fux it all and did pasta the night before and had eggs and OJ, not on the run, and had a huge bowl of oatmeal, preferably maple brown sugar, Quaker style and to wash it all down the thought of a beer or coffee , so you go with the coffee and start to pound down some high quality H2O before you get to your destination of the unkown and no soon as you get out that coffe you drank and the water you abliverated hours now lets your Uranus know its in charge and you run to a bush ,,,,ok , enuff of that. All I am saying is knowing the outcome of something good in your life is better sometimes not knowing at all. just go out and enjoy it , fux it, ya can’t be a mind reader and to tell ya who can, nit , no one so go out , grab your bike and go get lost on something new , a trail or a sidewalk and if ya get lost on a sidewalk , well there is always Uber…RAMFB….

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