At times I look back at how my life has changed because of the bicycle. I have seen things and done things on two wheels that some might go whatever and what where you thinking. I never really knew and nor really ever know what I am thinking while I ride my bike, things just happen or happened. Now that I am just a little sober these days and life is better than it was before I just focus in on the positive things that are happening like for example my idea of what to make better for myself. I try to achieve things in a different perspective, more positive then negative. When I feel that feeling of negative I just transform it into a positive. I rode for the first part of my riding with my head in the clouds and a sixer or a few into it. I ride alone more now kinda, I mean I ride with others who actually believe in me and feel what I feel. I pushed away the toxics in my life cause I needed to. I at times miss the one who I rode with with or shall I say the one I rode with for so many years but it was time to say goodbye. I found myself lost and just in a drunken stubber, I needed to get back to life and back to being grounded in this life and yes I say it is because of The One and it is because it was either keep living that way or die and I chose not to die. I can go on forever about my changes in my life but I wont, I will say I am much happier than before. So on this I say , time is so short and life is so precious so why not go out and ride your deamons away cause remember it is only one climb at a time and one river to cross. RAMFB and thank God for everything…

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