It’s a deep topic, you never know when the end is going to be, it just goes on and on like wheels turning or a river flowing it just goes on. I think the thing I like most about the Bicycle it never judges you, it only makes you stronger , meaning, mentally. No one thing in life should be a challenge if it is that is why we challenge it back. Example, the hill you faced or the wall you climbed or the round wall you just couldn’t get a good pump around on a Sk8brd, you One, thought to hard about it and Two, well there really is no Two, its just there to make you think there is a Twq so you just keep with the One, you except it but still feel that it beat you and yet you go back to climb that hill or whatever, It’s called life, it is true to said that it is a challenge but we can overcome them challenges that it throws at us. It is our on Human structure that defines whether we can or weather we can not, me I prefer the I can’s to the Can not’s . It is one day at a time, Life, you got this now go challenge life, your not old your just in a somber right now, WAKE THE FUCK UP, your not dead yet so challenge yourself into the Well, RAMFB

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