So today is a new day as like yesterday but everyday is a new day for me now. I had surgery, it was a hernia. Now this was not my first surgery on this more like my second. Before my first one I was on top of my game and the wheels were always rolling. It took me along time to get there but I was there. Now the first surgery put me back, way back. I had to start all over and relearn how to ride, which sucked but I grunted through it and got back on my game but even stronger than before, now this is all how I feel cause I believe in myself. I was doing this all on my Singlespeed, my Surley Karate Monkey, I earned it , the hills the Downhills the berms all of it. OH Strava is off so much but it inspires me anyway. I was up there in times amongst some of the best riders from all around, not like the top 10 but at least in the top 50 or so out of over 2000 riders in the town , not bragging but I was killing it. I had worked so hard to get to that spot in my life of feeling I can do this. Now the second surgery happened but got a mesh, this one is going to take longer than the first one but as I say, I got this it’s just a new day and a new way. I know I will not be back on the bike for at least 2 to 3 months, Mesh takes longer to heal and it kinda hurts. In this down time I will just think of how I can catch back up to the pack and what I need to do it. The RAMFB has been moving in a great direction, energy, positivity and love. If it was not for the bicycle I would probably be so far into drinking and drugs like I was before this all happened, am I ashame of that, no cause what makes you weak makes you stronger, I think that’s how it goes. I was in a rabbit hole for along time, no idea of what I was going to do and no idea where to find help low and behold it was right in front of me the hole time , the wheel. It changed my life forever. So now when I ride and times are shit I think of this , it is truly Cycletherapy , don’t need pills and don’t need a doctor to tell me Im off when I am not but I will listen anyway. So everyday in my life is a new day and I am always waiting for the next day to bring something good my way. RAMFB.

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