Age is nothing but a number, you were born a certain day a certain year. We all go through the I am to old for that and there is no way I could do that. Well I am here to tell you your never to old to learn how to do something if you don’t try. I am 50. I started skateboarding at 15 and had a little couple of years with BMX and freestylin’. I raced once in BMX on a Huffy 3000 I got from Service merchandise . I thought if I have got to learn why not on a Huffy, I was already a huge BMX fan, liked some of the greats like Stu Thompson , Greg Hill, Eddy and his brother Mike King. I also dug the guys who like the bowl like Eddie Fiola and Mike Dominguez and Brian Blyther. Now I know seems like I am getting off the track but I am not. I always thought I was to old to do the things when I was younger and thought it was never going to take me places even though it did later on in my life. Skateboarding took me everywhere n a ot of lessons where learned. I was sk8ing sometimes with some of the best sk8ters in my home town and some from out of town. I never thought in a million years that I would be doing that for so many years then just like that BAM! the mountain bike came into play. I thought I was to old at 40 to learn and almost gave up. I was going through a drug and drinking faze in my life at that point. No sign of hope. I thought I was way to old to do anything. I just turned my head and almost gave up till I started riding with guys who where in there late 40’s and earlt 50’s, I always use to get told , your never to old to learn something new from other riders, you know what they where right. So I kicked the drugs away and decided to just go for it and try to learn this mountain bike thing . It took me a few years , kinda, to me riding a bike was what they say, Its like riding a bike you never forget. So I pushed myself as my years went by 40 43 45.47.49 and now 50 soon to be 51. I can now say I am not to old to learn something new in life. Riding a bike has taught me this. Its also made me think that age is really just a number and all I do now is forget about it and try to be a example to others like the other that are still riding when I first started and now in there late 50’s early 60’s and can smoke my butt on trails, it happens but I know one day I will be with them riding harder, faster and have more of a clear mind and a better feeling of knowing that age really is just a number. Now go out there and crush it and learn something new out on the trails or road. RAMFB.

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  1. I did ride yesterday, and at 63, came in last place. There were mostly men around my age and a little younger. And they all smoked me in over an hours time. I get confused by this, because most folks consider me to be much younger. Does that mean, that to get faster. I should have grey hair, and wrinkles all over my face?


    1. The fact that you are still riding and finishing a race or whatever says a lot. To me your winning the race and set a example that age is really not a number. I know a man named Big Bike Mike, he’s in his 70’s and rips Snowshoe in WV and pretty much can destroy any of the riders up there and it helps when you live next to the Ski Lift so on that I say just keep the wheels rolling forward and never think that you have to go faster, your killing it to me so enjoy your ride and remember to just have fun, you got this and thank you for inspiring me as I am only 50 . We still have so much more riding to do . RAMFB


    2. oh one more thing I don’t look 50, more like 30 something and ride like I am in my 20;s. I know there are others my age who don’t push themselves like I do, I earn it every time I saddle up, there is no I am out here to win a race but when I pass a 20 something in his spandex all I have to say while I go by is I am on a SIngleSpeed.


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