down but not out

You fall down, you go through a change in your life so you just give up, that is not the idea. You can’t just sit in a wallo of pitty for yourself. You have to realize we all fall down. It happens to us all. We just go through the motions of what will I do now. I can’t just go back to where I was , well you can. It is just a bump in your life at the time . Make it as a learning curve no matter what it is. Don’t say to yourself I’ll never do it again. Others are there right with you and will be your support but you have to do it yourself by taking that first step and excepting the things that you can’t change and just move on to the next day . It has happen to me most of my life. I fell back into drinking and doing drugs and not really giving a damn about what anybody said. I still make mistakes as due we all but I can say I will keep making mistakes but not on drugs or drinking or letting the toxic people into my life, God knows I let people in more than once and knew that they where really a bad influence on me. So when I ride all those negativity’s that ran through my soul just somehow go away for the moment and give me happiness. Yes I struggle with my riding sometimes and fall quite often but not as much as I use to. I learn from my falls and my mistakes not only in riding but in life. I’ve been down but not out cause I always come back stronger due to the Bicycle and you can to. Remember this , You can and you have to tell yourself and believe in yourself no matter how down you are that life throws the punches you just got to get back up and go get some cycle therapy. RAMFB.

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