Been a minute

It’s been a minute on here. I have been kinda doing my thing like you all. I have been riding here and there, not much but I have been on two wheels. Got some new bikes and changed some new parts. It is funny, I design my own bikes now. Kinda real fun to build your own bikes and bonus it is cheaper. Sure go to the shops and look at all the new bikes and new gadgets that come with them. Pay tones for fun. But for me I keep it simple. I think how I want my build to be and take my time with it. Wheels are to me the most important part of the bike itself. All other things will fall into play when you research the product. Lucky for me I have good friends who guide me in a good direction on parts. You can go and spend 3 grand on a bitchin’ bike and not get out of it what you thought you wanted to get out of it. Things break and parts don’t feel right. That is why I build my own. Sure I get the frame I like but the parts to me make a world of difference. My wheels are I9 and so are my stems. I think it best to buy and support your local bike shops and companies that are by you. I like to keep it simple so I ride SingleSpeed . No gears means low maintenance and more fun. Yeah you got to earn it on SingleSpeed but it is worth it to me. The climbs are a bit much but that is why I say you got to earn it. Sure I hike a bike at times but that is part of it. No shame . Now my life has gone a new direction with my job. It is going in a direction that should have been for years but I had my head in a different place. The fog has lifted and now I am focused not only my job but getting my ride in and just having fun. Have a great day and I will be back on here a little bit more . RAMFB

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