Been a minute

It’s been a minute on here. I have been kinda doing my thing like you all. I have been riding here and there, not much but I have been on two wheels. Got some new bikes and changed some new parts. It is funny, I design my own bikes now. Kinda real fun to build your own bikes and bonus it is cheaper. Sure go to the shops and look at all the new bikes and new gadgets that come with them. Pay tones for fun. But for me I keep it simple. I think how I want my build to be and take my time with it. Wheels are to me the most important part of the bike itself. All other things will fall into play when you research the product. Lucky for me I have good friends who guide me in a good direction on parts. You can go and spend 3 grand on a bitchin’ bike and not get out of it what you thought you wanted to get out of it. Things break and parts don’t feel right. That is why I build my own. Sure I get the frame I like but the parts to me make a world of difference. My wheels are I9 and so are my stems. I think it best to buy and support your local bike shops and companies that are by you. I like to keep it simple so I ride SingleSpeed . No gears means low maintenance and more fun. Yeah you got to earn it on SingleSpeed but it is worth it to me. The climbs are a bit much but that is why I say you got to earn it. Sure I hike a bike at times but that is part of it. No shame . Now my life has gone a new direction with my job. It is going in a direction that should have been for years but I had my head in a different place. The fog has lifted and now I am focused not only my job but getting my ride in and just having fun. Have a great day and I will be back on here a little bit more . RAMFB


RAMFB, it stands for whatever you want it to be. For me it’s inspiration but in true it stands for Rideamotherfuckingbike. If you have gone to my FB page and read any of what I am trying to get across to you it is energy , positive energy in life that we all need, I am working on getting more hats and shirts made so that will happen for you . I want to thank you all who have took the time to read some of my blogs and maybe watched some of my videos on YouTube, RAMFB or Rocky Novellino. I ahve one thing to say to you all this is not about me this isd about all of us. RAMFB

down but not out

You fall down, you go through a change in your life so you just give up, that is not the idea. You can’t just sit in a wallo of pitty for yourself. You have to realize we all fall down. It happens to us all. We just go through the motions of what will I do now. I can’t just go back to where I was , well you can. It is just a bump in your life at the time . Make it as a learning curve no matter what it is. Don’t say to yourself I’ll never do it again. Others are there right with you and will be your support but you have to do it yourself by taking that first step and excepting the things that you can’t change and just move on to the next day . It has happen to me most of my life. I fell back into drinking and doing drugs and not really giving a damn about what anybody said. I still make mistakes as due we all but I can say I will keep making mistakes but not on drugs or drinking or letting the toxic people into my life, God knows I let people in more than once and knew that they where really a bad influence on me. So when I ride all those negativity’s that ran through my soul just somehow go away for the moment and give me happiness. Yes I struggle with my riding sometimes and fall quite often but not as much as I use to. I learn from my falls and my mistakes not only in riding but in life. I’ve been down but not out cause I always come back stronger due to the Bicycle and you can to. Remember this , You can and you have to tell yourself and believe in yourself no matter how down you are that life throws the punches you just got to get back up and go get some cycle therapy. RAMFB.


Age is nothing but a number, you were born a certain day a certain year. We all go through the I am to old for that and there is no way I could do that. Well I am here to tell you your never to old to learn how to do something if you don’t try. I am 50. I started skateboarding at 15 and had a little couple of years with BMX and freestylin’. I raced once in BMX on a Huffy 3000 I got from Service merchandise . I thought if I have got to learn why not on a Huffy, I was already a huge BMX fan, liked some of the greats like Stu Thompson , Greg Hill, Eddy and his brother Mike King. I also dug the guys who like the bowl like Eddie Fiola and Mike Dominguez and Brian Blyther. Now I know seems like I am getting off the track but I am not. I always thought I was to old to do the things when I was younger and thought it was never going to take me places even though it did later on in my life. Skateboarding took me everywhere n a ot of lessons where learned. I was sk8ing sometimes with some of the best sk8ters in my home town and some from out of town. I never thought in a million years that I would be doing that for so many years then just like that BAM! the mountain bike came into play. I thought I was to old at 40 to learn and almost gave up. I was going through a drug and drinking faze in my life at that point. No sign of hope. I thought I was way to old to do anything. I just turned my head and almost gave up till I started riding with guys who where in there late 40’s and earlt 50’s, I always use to get told , your never to old to learn something new from other riders, you know what they where right. So I kicked the drugs away and decided to just go for it and try to learn this mountain bike thing . It took me a few years , kinda, to me riding a bike was what they say, Its like riding a bike you never forget. So I pushed myself as my years went by 40 43 45.47.49 and now 50 soon to be 51. I can now say I am not to old to learn something new in life. Riding a bike has taught me this. Its also made me think that age is really just a number and all I do now is forget about it and try to be a example to others like the other that are still riding when I first started and now in there late 50’s early 60’s and can smoke my butt on trails, it happens but I know one day I will be with them riding harder, faster and have more of a clear mind and a better feeling of knowing that age really is just a number. Now go out there and crush it and learn something new out on the trails or road. RAMFB.


So today is a new day as like yesterday but everyday is a new day for me now. I had surgery, it was a hernia. Now this was not my first surgery on this more like my second. Before my first one I was on top of my game and the wheels were always rolling. It took me along time to get there but I was there. Now the first surgery put me back, way back. I had to start all over and relearn how to ride, which sucked but I grunted through it and got back on my game but even stronger than before, now this is all how I feel cause I believe in myself. I was doing this all on my Singlespeed, my Surley Karate Monkey, I earned it , the hills the Downhills the berms all of it. OH Strava is off so much but it inspires me anyway. I was up there in times amongst some of the best riders from all around, not like the top 10 but at least in the top 50 or so out of over 2000 riders in the town , not bragging but I was killing it. I had worked so hard to get to that spot in my life of feeling I can do this. Now the second surgery happened but got a mesh, this one is going to take longer than the first one but as I say, I got this it’s just a new day and a new way. I know I will not be back on the bike for at least 2 to 3 months, Mesh takes longer to heal and it kinda hurts. In this down time I will just think of how I can catch back up to the pack and what I need to do it. The RAMFB has been moving in a great direction, energy, positivity and love. If it was not for the bicycle I would probably be so far into drinking and drugs like I was before this all happened, am I ashame of that, no cause what makes you weak makes you stronger, I think that’s how it goes. I was in a rabbit hole for along time, no idea of what I was going to do and no idea where to find help low and behold it was right in front of me the hole time , the wheel. It changed my life forever. So now when I ride and times are shit I think of this , it is truly Cycletherapy , don’t need pills and don’t need a doctor to tell me Im off when I am not but I will listen anyway. So everyday in my life is a new day and I am always waiting for the next day to bring something good my way. RAMFB.