Haven’t been here in awhile

Well the title says it all, I haven’t been to this trail in awhile, actually like a year but I am glad I went back to it. I rode this trail called Anne Springs for a few years when I first started to ride along with several others, Sherman branch, Poplar Tent , Renni and Francis Beatty but this trail I seemed to go to quite often. Something about it mastic pulled me in. I heard of other riders from a group called The ZeroHorsePower rode it a lot. It had a loop called the Sugar loop and it was probably one of the funnest loops out there. Now it’s gone and the trail is all like a race track. lots of flow, I mean lot’s of flow and lot’s of rollers al through the trail. Last year I did my first race there and it went in a different direction so when I rode it this weekend it was the old direction with some twists to it. I went in and just cranked it and then pumped my way through the rolling sections and had a blast. I was searching for something there that I have always wanted or more like I had last year on my time, I got my times but I got them better on this ride. I only did two laps so that was only like 16 miles. It was kinda hot an a little humid but I stayed HYDRATED . Key word on any ride. As I went in I forgot actually which way the trail went, I had to ask of course and the lady at the front gate let me know. So I bombed in starting to remember, this turn and this rock and that root. I was finding my lines I had in there years before but a lot of the roots were taken out so it made it that much faster. Trust me it’s kinda like Daytona there, Speeeeeed. I had a blast riding it and it was nice to talk to others after the ride about what they had thought of the trail, all say they loved it. I turned a couple guys on to the BYT ,Backyard Trails and they said they would check it out. I told them it was a little more challenging then this one but still fun.  There are so many trails to ride in my city now and so much fun to be had on all of them but take awhile someday and go back to where you started and see where you are now. Me , I am right here still RAMFB and thinking of all that have come before me and all that put the time into the trails with work. And also the ones who are legends like Dicky. Rich Dillen. So on this I say go out and get lost on a old trail you haven’t rode inawhile and have fun, key word, FUN…Have a great week and remember to stay hydrated out there and RAMFB.



sometimes knowing is the best part of not knowing. If you do or don’t its all the fun, ya know what I mean. for instance , going into a trail full out balls to the walls (medaforickly speaking , misspelled but you get the idea) and having zero fux of what is around the corner. It’s kinda like life in a way, Forest said it and so sad he did cause everyone now or days has some crazy interpritaion , (Spelled Wrong) of how they see it. But he said it best , Life is truly a box of chochlates, ya never know what your goinna get. So on the trails ya really have zero ideas when you go onto a new trail, your so jacked up on everything all the vegans told yo to eat and your friends told you to just eat meat and yo where like Meat is Murder , The Smiths. Then you just said fux it all and did pasta the night before and had eggs and OJ, not on the run, and had a huge bowl of oatmeal, preferably maple brown sugar, Quaker style and to wash it all down the thought of a beer or coffee , so you go with the coffee and start to pound down some high quality H2O before you get to your destination of the unkown and no soon as you get out that coffe you drank and the water you abliverated hours now lets your Uranus know its in charge and you run to a bush ,,,,ok , enuff of that. All I am saying is knowing the outcome of something good in your life is better sometimes not knowing at all. just go out and enjoy it , fux it, ya can’t be a mind reader and to tell ya who can, nit , no one so go out , grab your bike and go get lost on something new , a trail or a sidewalk and if ya get lost on a sidewalk , well there is always Uber…RAMFB….

A new start

Today is a new start for a new world ahead of us, we just have to believe in it, and go for it. If you see it then it will be, not right off the rip but it will be. Be positive not negative and just see where you wanna be. Me I wanna be right here with all of you on your rides and your adventures in this life. I found out through the time spent not being on here that I needed to be, it is my therapy and it helps me. Now go out and tackle your dreams and it will come true, you just have to believe and start fresh…RAMFB


Ok been more then a minute, yupper this is true, got some crazy stuff going on but my head is in the right place. Going to say that the weather has been acting all crazy. Anyway, got on a few rides these fast few months, nothing major just trying to get back into the swing of things again. Pushed away more negatives and gained so much more positives now. Almost slid backwards a couple times but managed to stand straight up again on my own. We all fall down but it is how we get back up that makes our journey on two wheels fun. How we perceive life , our life in comparison with the bicycle.Its like the wheel goes round and we know so does our life so why not roll with it and just keep moving forward or if you track stand backwards to keep the balance. I have to say that I am so happy in my life right now, yes The One had a lot to do with it but really I thought that being alone would be hard and riding alone would be hard, well I love riding with people , all kinds of people. Im trying to make things simpler instead of so damn complicated. It is only complicated to me cause that is what I have seen in my head for the past 2 years or so. Now I realize not only am I short but so is life and I am not going to waste another day not riding my bike. I am moving to a new location soon and I will commute more back and forth to work. I really hate driving, a lot. I am so excited about this that I have bought a few more bikes for my commute . And One rule. I am also getting the One a bike so she can ride with me. She deserves a little break in life so I thought why not on two wheels with me. She digs the idea and that makes me happy.

For now let yourself find a positive in your life like I have done and just go for it. RAMFB and keep the wheels and your life rolling forward.


We all get in a funk from time to time, it’s how we go about it and change our way of getting out of the funk. Now, seeing how it has rained pretty much everday since late October I have been in a funk. Going through the motions of wanting to ride and not wanting to ride. I am just trying to get through this like all of you. Rain sucks but we need it but not this much rain in such a prime time to ride. Some ride anyway, Rule9 , but I do not like to ride when it is wet, I don’t live in Oregon , I live in NC and this is not the normal season . So with all this rain I devoted all my time to work, some say I work to much and I know this to be true but it’s what I do. Through the course of the months of not riding I made new stickers and have new ideas for the new year to come. One of my goals is to back off on the quantity of beers and back off on working everyday. I decided to join a gym so I can get stronger for the trails. Another thing I am doing is taking my life now one day at a timeand not going at it full throttle like I always do. Going through a divorce is no fun at all, you see I made my mistakes but it takes two,  Not saying anything negative about my ex soon to be but she was awesome to me and cared for me but something was not right . Anyway I have moved on and life seems to be getting better with all my new goals and yes The One is my main goal , God knows I am not perfect but The One has been my backbone for a minute and I want it to be for the rest of my life. For without The One I would be lost and farther down the Rabbit hole and God only knows doing what but negatives. She has given me a sense of hope and inspires me to RAMFB and spread the gospel of life on two wheels. SO I am getting out of this funk I have been in and will continue to keep the wheels rolling forward and give back positives to others that need it. Happy New Year and set your goals and believe in yourself that You can cause you can do what ever you believe in. RAMFB and keep the wheels rolling forward and to The One this life for us has only just begun.