If I could I would

If I could I would , If I could ride without being afraid of failure I would, If only just went for it. These are things that travel though our minds when we come across a challenge in life, we have to look at it more than once  we will or if we won’t. A friend of mine years ago told me if you don’t feel comftorable then don’t and I live with that everyday . Do what makes you feel ither yay or nay , you don’t have to go for it just except it and move on to another challenge. RAMFB

Today and Forever

Make your energy today and make it last forever to shine amongst the world to see, be a positive and share the good word of the thing we love the most , beside our family, the Bicycle. The thing that makes our lives so complete, our passion, our drive to just be alive and enjoy what we feel when we are on two wheels. Remember, we are the controlers of our own energy, we are the motor that drives the wheels underneath us so be this as a  example to your daily way of life, “Energy comes From You” you are the only natural force to keep the wheels and your life rolling in a positive direction, Forward and Forever, Today I RAMFB .


At times I look back at how my life has changed because of the bicycle. I have seen things and done things on two wheels that some might go whatever and what where you thinking. I never really knew and nor really ever know what I am thinking while I ride my bike, things just happen or happened. Now that I am just a little sober these days and life is better than it was before I just focus in on the positive things that are happening like for example my idea of what to make better for myself. I try to achieve things in a different perspective, more positive then negative. When I feel that feeling of negative I just transform it into a positive. I rode for the first part of my riding with my head in the clouds and a sixer or a few into it. I ride alone more now kinda, I mean I ride with others who actually believe in me and feel what I feel. I pushed away the toxics in my life cause I needed to. I at times miss the one who I rode with with or shall I say the one I rode with for so many years but it was time to say goodbye. I found myself lost and just in a drunken stubber, I needed to get back to life and back to being grounded in this life and yes I say it is because of The One and it is because it was either keep living that way or die and I chose not to die. I can go on forever about my changes in my life but I wont, I will say I am much happier than before. So on this I say , time is so short and life is so precious so why not go out and ride your deamons away cause remember it is only one climb at a time and one river to cross. RAMFB and thank God for everything…

Haven’t been here in awhile

Well the title says it all, I haven’t been to this trail in awhile, actually like a year but I am glad I went back to it. I rode this trail called Anne Springs for a few years when I first started to ride along with several others, Sherman branch, Poplar Tent , Renni and Francis Beatty but this trail I seemed to go to quite often. Something about it mastic pulled me in. I heard of other riders from a group called The ZeroHorsePower rode it a lot. It had a loop called the Sugar loop and it was probably one of the funnest loops out there. Now it’s gone and the trail is all like a race track. lots of flow, I mean lot’s of flow and lot’s of rollers al through the trail. Last year I did my first race there and it went in a different direction so when I rode it this weekend it was the old direction with some twists to it. I went in and just cranked it and then pumped my way through the rolling sections and had a blast. I was searching for something there that I have always wanted or more like I had last year on my time, I got my times but I got them better on this ride. I only did two laps so that was only like 16 miles. It was kinda hot an a little humid but I stayed HYDRATED . Key word on any ride. As I went in I forgot actually which way the trail went, I had to ask of course and the lady at the front gate let me know. So I bombed in starting to remember, this turn and this rock and that root. I was finding my lines I had in there years before but a lot of the roots were taken out so it made it that much faster. Trust me it’s kinda like Daytona there, Speeeeeed. I had a blast riding it and it was nice to talk to others after the ride about what they had thought of the trail, all say they loved it. I turned a couple guys on to the BYT ,Backyard Trails and they said they would check it out. I told them it was a little more challenging then this one but still fun.  There are so many trails to ride in my city now and so much fun to be had on all of them but take awhile someday and go back to where you started and see where you are now. Me , I am right here still RAMFB and thinking of all that have come before me and all that put the time into the trails with work. And also the ones who are legends like Dicky. Rich Dillen. So on this I say go out and get lost on a old trail you haven’t rode inawhile and have fun, key word, FUN…Have a great week and remember to stay hydrated out there and RAMFB.



sometimes knowing is the best part of not knowing. If you do or don’t its all the fun, ya know what I mean. for instance , going into a trail full out balls to the walls (medaforickly speaking , misspelled but you get the idea) and having zero fux of what is around the corner. It’s kinda like life in a way, Forest said it and so sad he did cause everyone now or days has some crazy interpritaion , (Spelled Wrong) of how they see it. But he said it best , Life is truly a box of chochlates, ya never know what your goinna get. So on the trails ya really have zero ideas when you go onto a new trail, your so jacked up on everything all the vegans told yo to eat and your friends told you to just eat meat and yo where like Meat is Murder , The Smiths. Then you just said fux it all and did pasta the night before and had eggs and OJ, not on the run, and had a huge bowl of oatmeal, preferably maple brown sugar, Quaker style and to wash it all down the thought of a beer or coffee , so you go with the coffee and start to pound down some high quality H2O before you get to your destination of the unkown and no soon as you get out that coffe you drank and the water you abliverated hours now lets your Uranus know its in charge and you run to a bush ,,,,ok , enuff of that. All I am saying is knowing the outcome of something good in your life is better sometimes not knowing at all. just go out and enjoy it , fux it, ya can’t be a mind reader and to tell ya who can, nit , no one so go out , grab your bike and go get lost on something new , a trail or a sidewalk and if ya get lost on a sidewalk , well there is always Uber…RAMFB….