Changing ever so little by little

Well I am starting to change the sight, with nix and nacks and what thats , meaning I am adding new photos and brining in the YouTube videos I make so just click the link to watch the video and subscribe. It is a new venture like I said in my last post. I am getting a ne GoPro to make trail videos, now just saying I am not a great rider but I will do my best for you and get other riders to join with me. Also I am having as you read this new shirts being made. I will update on the status and when they are ready and then drop them on. So , watch the video and remember to subscribe and as always RAMFB and stay positive…

Something new

Something new, I decided to go ahead and make a YouTube channel. It’s my first venture out on this and I feel , to be honest, weird about it. To me it’s like riding a new trail not knowing where it will take me . So if your interested to read this than watch my videos and like or dislike or just subscribe. Like I said it’s something new and I know a lot of others think I am a joke but I really give 2 fux about it. It is another way for me to get out the RAMFB so hope to see more likes and subscribers on it. Remember just go to RAMFB on Youtube and you will see the man behind the writings>>>>RAMFB


It’s a deep topic, you never know when the end is going to be, it just goes on and on like wheels turning or a river flowing it just goes on. I think the thing I like most about the Bicycle it never judges you, it only makes you stronger , meaning, mentally. No one thing in life should be a challenge if it is that is why we challenge it back. Example, the hill you faced or the wall you climbed or the round wall you just couldn’t get a good pump around on a Sk8brd, you One, thought to hard about it and Two, well there really is no Two, its just there to make you think there is a Twq so you just keep with the One, you except it but still feel that it beat you and yet you go back to climb that hill or whatever, It’s called life, it is true to said that it is a challenge but we can overcome them challenges that it throws at us. It is our on Human structure that defines whether we can or weather we can not, me I prefer the I can’s to the Can not’s . It is one day at a time, Life, you got this now go challenge life, your not old your just in a somber right now, WAKE THE FUCK UP, your not dead yet so challenge yourself into the Well, RAMFB

DO it

Just do it and hit like, it will make me smile so RAMFB and hit like, Some things in the work for the sight coming soon icluding shirts and stickersssssss and hopefully videos of my rides with the local yocals…RAMFB


The energy that we put out is the energy we get back, if we put out negative energy then we receive it back but if we put out positive energy we shall receive positive energy, The idea is to push away the negatives such as toxics that may surround you being people or actions that you feel inside you when you think of that it makes you angry or sad. Our body connects to these actions , the thought process drains your body cause your energy is directed toward a negative. At times it may make us feel worthless and feel that life is doing this to you but in truth it is only due to your negative energy that you are putting out. Now if you put out positives energy then, just sayin, the negative energy will slowly disappear. At that point when you feel this you get a sense of a sort of Chi, your energy will define day to day way of thinking and the course of your daily living. It is up to you to how to go about this. If have had more negatives then positives due to my own actions in my life. Now in my later years seeing the first half of the century I have decided to try and be more positive, I find things in my life that have brought more positives such as Riding my bike, we call this in the cycling community Cycletherapy, I have also started to do a lot of Meditation. It’s tough to clear your mind of all things life but when you do all things really don’t matter, you just have to really not think you just focus on the now and the energy you are feeling at that point in your meditation. You have to forget what you have done in your past and move on cause that energy will follow you. All the things you felt you’ve done wrong is all negative energy trying to creep around deep in your mind, it lays dormant but you have to try and put that behind you and just let it go, it will define you. Your energy affects your surroundings and the people you are around, if you are giving off negative energy they will back away from you but if you give off positive energy they will be drawn toward that energy. The ones who always feel negative will feed off your negative and that makes for a bad situation. I find that some ways of building a positive energy not just through meditation is by breathing in the life which surrounds you , to me it is nature , go for a hike or a bike ride where there is no distractions there is only you and nature, I love to hear the rivers flow and feel the breeze on my face but what I really love doing is looking over the tree tops for miles on end and think that our problems are so small compared to the beauty of nature, its life and beauty in its rare form. Nature gives you energy like no other. It makes you feel overwhelmed sometimes by it rawness and beauty . It helps clear your mind and your soul and when you come down from the mountain top you feel refreshed and positive about your next day and the day after cause in the end there is only just you and your energy. It is your choice on how you want to go about this but remember , you get back what you put into the Universe, meaning , put out positive energy and you’ll get back positive energy, put out negative, well you get the point. We are all just Molecules in Motion chasing time , our structure is based off of time, a form of energy but time is irrelevant in our lives , its only a way to go about our day. We rush for time and our energy goes goes negative or positive , I learned to turn my clock off cause I felt my energy just slip away , I felt rushed and had to be here or there at a certain time. Of course we need to know the time but time is just a energy in the Universe that defines our day when we’ve got nothing but time in the world. Why rush it but instead be a part it, the more time you spend worrying about it then it’s going to make you feel you have wasted it. Look at this way, the universe , our solar system was not created over night, it took billions of years, it was created through time, it evolved energy that we are drawn to. We as humans we are also evolving but we are limited in time, being in time we can define our own energy, we can learn from our mistakes or keep making them but time represents them. We can only guide the energy of time through a negative or positive so as I said before why waste time and energy on the things you did in the past and focus on the now and the energy you feel at that moment. RAMFB