Hey guys and gals my shirts are in, I will be putting them up as soon as I can, I have to go to my app dessigner to help me figure out how to put them up so shortly they will be up. Now I only have a limited supply but soon to run out of them so I will be reordering more shirts, mainly XL’s and a few XXL’s and more Larges, seems everybody is bigger than I am so that is all good. Remember to check out my YouTube channel and like and subscribe and see the shirts, I think you will like them and also hats will be made along with cozies and more stickers so please be patient on the orders for now, I will let ya know when to start to order them and get them out to you asap. Have a great day and as always RAMFB.

Ride Bikes

Ride Bikes if at all possible when life seems to kick you down, just grab your bike and go ride, it really works for therapy, Cycle Therapy. No matter how shitty of a day you might be having just keep it in your mind that your freind Mr.Bike is waiting on you so get off the whine train and grab your bike and go for a ride..RAMFB


Own today. You got to believe you got this day in your back pocket, come in positive and others will see and feel your energy. So today I will own it , that and some new RAMFB shirts. Yup got them made and hopefully by the end of the day I will post a pic of one up on my YouTube channel,RAMFB. Won’t start shipping out till I get all the other little goodies that go along with it. So like I said own today and RAMFB,,

Changing ever so little by little

Well I am starting to change the sight, with nix and nacks and what thats , meaning I am adding new photos and brining in the YouTube videos I make so just click the link to watch the video and subscribe. It is a new venture like I said in my last post. I am getting a ne GoPro to make trail videos, now just saying I am not a great rider but I will do my best for you and get other riders to join with me. Also I am having as you read this new shirts being made. I will update on the status and when they are ready and then drop them on. So , watch the video and remember to subscribe and as always RAMFB and stay positive…

Something new

Something new, I decided to go ahead and make a YouTube channel. It’s my first venture out on this and I feel , to be honest, weird about it. To me it’s like riding a new trail not knowing where it will take me . So if your interested to read this than watch my videos and like or dislike or just subscribe. Like I said it’s something new and I know a lot of others think I am a joke but I really give 2 fux about it. It is another way for me to get out the RAMFB so hope to see more likes and subscribers on it. Remember just go to RAMFB on Youtube and you will see the man behind the writings>>>>RAMFB