We all get in a funk from time to time, it’s how we go about it and change our way of getting out of the funk. Now, seeing how it has rained pretty much everday since late October I have been in a funk. Going through the motions of wanting to ride and not wanting to ride. I am just trying to get through this like all of you. Rain sucks but we need it but not this much rain in such a prime time to ride. Some ride anyway, Rule9 , but I do not like to ride when it is wet, I don’t live in Oregon , I live in NC and this is not the normal season . So with all this rain I devoted all my time to work, some say I work to much and I know this to be true but it’s what I do. Through the course of the months of not riding I made new stickers and have new ideas for the new year to come. One of my goals is to back off on the quantity of beers and back off on working everyday. I decided to join a gym so I can get stronger for the trails. Another thing I am doing is taking my life now one day at a timeand not going at it full throttle like I always do. Going through a divorce is no fun at all, you see I made my mistakes but it takes two,  Not saying anything negative about my ex soon to be but she was awesome to me and cared for me but something was not right . Anyway I have moved on and life seems to be getting better with all my new goals and yes The One is my main goal , God knows I am not perfect but The One has been my backbone for a minute and I want it to be for the rest of my life. For without The One I would be lost and farther down the Rabbit hole and God only knows doing what but negatives. She has given me a sense of hope and inspires me to RAMFB and spread the gospel of life on two wheels. SO I am getting out of this funk I have been in and will continue to keep the wheels rolling forward and give back positives to others that need it. Happy New Year and set your goals and believe in yourself that You can cause you can do what ever you believe in. RAMFB and keep the wheels rolling forward and to The One this life for us has only just begun.

When in Doubt

When in doubt ride your bike, things can always get better and they will. Your having a shit day so I say RAMFB and things will seem to just be as they are ment to be and no reason to sit there and get all shitfaced for the rest of the day, go out and ride or climb or even walk but get the hell out of your house and do something., Now is a new week and for me it has been a rough couple of weeks but the One has kept me grounded from losing my shit. Ya see, when in doubt when things seem to be not so right in your universe they really are. We can’t control the negatives but we sure the hell can try. Now for me, in pain but I will go out and ride anyway cause therapy is on two wheels for me and this is what I need. I do wanna say one thing before I go, I didn’t know you but only heard of stories of you that made you a legend in our community so Mat Hoffman RIP and know it was all or nothing at all. RAMFB and keep the wheels rolling forward and no not the BMX Hoffman…Have a great week and hopoe to see you all out on the trails real soon…


Rain , well it does, and we are in the wet time of the year so we get all bear like and want to ride but the rain says no, so , we wait..Wait till the rain stops and the trails get dry or atleast a little dry and then we go, go to release the pinned up angst about how this rain sucks and God am I losing my mind, thank God for trainers though. Keep the legs moving and the brain focused on your ride to come. RAMFB…The One…


Monday is your day to start a goal , be it ride more or lose that little pound you want to lose. Find your space both mentaly and physically. You have to put your mind into the I can’s now, Nothing comes easy ecspecially on Monday cause it’s the start of a long work week so you have to pace yourself. You got this. For me today is a new day of living another day. I am getting a new bike , stoked . I haven’t been on a new bike in a minute but I know I have to change my style once again to get aquainted with the bike. SO I decided to start doing something I never do, workout., Being that I am of age,48, doesn’t mean I’m dead, It just means I am still here. I am not really in bad shape but I amd not perfect on my diet and bonus, yes I know, I am struggling quitting smoking. It is my biggest weakness. So when I woke up today I decided I am going to quit, not cold turkey but cut back the amount . I can’t stand the fact that I smoke. It kills me. Anyway that is my Monday goal to reach my next goal for the next day. I say this with confidence, I am not perfect , I have my flaws still but not as many cause The One has helped me with this. Gave me positives and said I can do this. So to you all You can do this.Monday is just a day, don’t hate it, embrace it as any other day. 4 more days till the weekend , yay but still get your rides in and work on your goals. Have a great Monday and RAMFB..


Knowing what is around you, the feel of the wind, the coolness of rain in the summertime when it hits your skin. The trail ahead, knowing all that lays in front of you that makes up your journey.

Be it life or whatever you’re doing at that moment, know you are absorbing the vibe that is around you. If you surround yourself with negatives, you become negative. I know this to be true firsthand. I had to push away my negatives — whether it was a person, place, or thing. I had to push it away ’cause I knew I was going nowhere with them or it. I knew that if I went farther into it I would have become worse then they were and succumbed to their beliefs.

I knew my surroundings had to change, and so I changed them. I knew that if I wanted to do what I need to do in this life, I needed to keep the positives. The One showed me this. Now I can enjoy every day as if it were my last, knowing I put down all things that made my surroundings like a black cloudy day, full of rain and darkness. I knew I had to get away from the darkness when I finally saw the light.

My riding got better ’cause I was straight for once. I could actually smell all that was around me and hear what I needed to hear, like the wind blowing and the trees shaking and cracking and all things nature.

I had this whole idea about the title of this post, but for some reason this just dropped into my head so I’ll tell you: I spent 28 years of growing up too quick. I never had a chance to chase my dreams. I mean I had the chance, but they were never going to happen because of my surroundings. Now it’s 28 years later, I’m single (kinda) and ready to live now — not just for me but for all of you.

I want to know some of your stories in the woods or on the  road — anywhere you might have been. Tell me in the comments. And some of you wanna know about The One — I’ll let ya know just not right now. I have a story for The One.

Anyway, know and truly feel your surroundings, give positive energy, and be good to each other. And RAMFB.